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The pointe shoe is the most essential piece of equipment used by the dancers of Alabama Ballet.  Custom made by hand, pointe shoes are elegantly engineered to enable our dancers to perform the beautiful ballets you enjoy.  With each pair costing over $100, shoes are a significant expense.

Alabama Ballet will provide pointe shoes for all our female dancers this season at a cost of approximately $65,000.  Becoming a member of the Pointe Shoe Society is an easy and much appreciated way to support the company dancers and apprentices of Alabama Ballet.

Please consider joining to keep us on our toes!


$120 | Personalized thank you from an Alabama Ballet dancer


$1,800 + | Commemorative poster featuring Alabama Ballet’s dancers

Sugar Plum

$5,000 + | Your very own pair of signed pointe shoes from an Alabama Ballet dancer of your choice

Each gift is eligible for a charitable tax receipt, and you will be recognized as a member of our donor community in our season programs.  For gifts of stock or other appreciated securities, please email

Alabama Ballet is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

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