Alabama Ballet 

Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Lindsey Druhan | President 

Jeremy Retherford | President-Elect

David Woodall | Past President  

Tom Fox| Treasurer 

Bronwyne Chapman

Glenda Cochran

Warren Giardina

Jessica Kubat

Page Naftel

Al Vance

Honorable J. Scott Vowell

Mary Pat Weiss

Board of Trustees

Hailey Adams

Mary Bradley Anderson

Donna Christian

Bridget Drennen

Dr. C. Morgan Eiland∞

Suzanne Humphries Evans

Joy Grenier

Wyatt R. Haskell∞

Jamie Hill

Mary Clayton Carl Jones

Ray Jordan∞

John Lacey∞

Emily Lassiter

Dr. Lisa Mani

Allen Bunting Mann

Candice McKinney

Elizabeth Miles

Kacy Ireland Mitchell

Tyler Novak

Maggie O’Connor

Elizabeth Pilcher

Michael Sansbury

Garland Cook Smith∞

Dr. James Wallace

Mallie Mitchell Whatley

Olivia Wiggins

Honorary Board Members

Betty Ferguson Brice*

Gage Bush*

Jane S. Comer

Penelope Cunningham*

Clara Gerhardt

Barbara G. Gotlieb

Dudley Reynolds

Tammy Towns

Support Group Leadership

Brooke Whatley, President of The Ballet Guild of Birmingham

Melissa McMurray, President of the Ballet Women’s Committee

* = Honorary Trustee Emeritus

∞ = Lifetime Board Member


2726 1st Ave S.
Birmingham, AL 35233



Upcoming Performances

Alabama Ballet is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization



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