Alabama Ballet Company


for the 24/25 Season

Please read carefully and submit the following: 

  1. Your resume 
  2. Headshot 
  3. Any dance photos 
  4. A video with no introduction or fancy editing, consisting of:
  • Class work
  • At least one classical variation
  • Contemporary footage or performance excerpts that may consist of something drawn from repertoire, classwork phrases or an applicant’s own created work 

Video submission deadline: Thursday, February 1st, 2024 

Auditions are by invitation only. Upon viewing submitted videos, Alabama Ballet’s Artistic Team may invite artists to an audition held on Saturday March 23rd, 2024. Some applicants may be asked to attend a Company Class.

Please submit all materials to 

It is the policy of the Alabama Ballet to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified individuals, regardless of race, creed, color, age national origin, ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, sex, veteran’s status, physical or mental handicap/disability or other classification protected by applicable law. Specifically, employment opportunities are and shall be open to all qualified applicants solely on the basis of their experience, aptitudes, abilities and training. Advancement is and shall be based on the individual’s achievement, performance, ability, attitude and potential for promotion.

Photo by Ambre Amari of Amari Editorial


2726 1st Ave S.
Birmingham, AL 35233



Upcoming Performances

Alabama Ballet is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization



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