Alabama Ballet Company

Our Dancers

Alabama Ballet Company

Meet our Dancers

Heather Bailey

Mystic, Connecticut

Sponsored by: Susan and Wyatt Haskell

Kendall Baker

stuart, florida

 Sponsored by: Candice & Lee McKinney

Patricia Bianco

helena, alabama

Sponsored by: The Vanlandingham Family

Morgan Butler

the woodlands, texas

Sponsored by: Mallie and Jay Whatley

Juan Rafael Castellanos

philadelphia, pennsylvania

Sponsored by: Ballet Guild


Andrés Castillo

cali, colombia

Sponsored by: Mark and Meryanne Murphy

Isabella Renner Cowles

kalamazoo, michigan

Sponsored by: Lisa Mani, M.D.

Elijah Crispen

cullman, alabama

Sponsored by: Margaret Wendorf

Journy Wilkes Davis

fort hood, texas

Sponsored by: Dr. James A. Wallace

Annabel Fobert

new york city, new york

 Sponsored by: Margie and Tom Fox

Elizabeth Gamble

birmingham, alabama

Sponsored by: Dr. Pamela Hughes

Asha Gangolli

evanston, illinois

Sponsored by: Aero Joe Pilates, Alison Page

Caitlin McAvoy Hardman

overland park, kansas

Sponsored by: Scott & Cameron Vowell

Daniel Hardman

silver spring, maryland

Sponsored by: Scott & Cameron Vowell

Claire Hutchinson

syracuse, new york

Sponsored by: Candice & Lee McKinney 

Cody Maggiore

los alamos, new mexico

Sponsored by: Glenda G. Cochran

Michael Matthews

Moorestown, new jersey

Sponsored by: Rebecca Di Piazza & Trey Hamer

John Mingle IV

Corpus christi, texas

Sponsored by: Michael & Tamara Sansbury

Jessica Nicholson

washington, d.c.

 Sponsored by: George and Shirley Elliott

David Odenwelder

haverhill, massachussetts

Sponsored by: Alabama Ballet Adult Tappers

Kyle Peterson

des moines, iowa

Sponsored by: Dr. James A. Wallace

Madison Ryan

hammond, louisiana

Sponsored by: Fran Lawlor

Brandon Douglas Silverman

Mechanicsburg, pennsylvania

 Sponsored by: Lisa Mani, M.D.

Alexandra Zakharchenko

Morris plains, new jersey

 Sponsored by: Grace Goodrich

Alabama Ballet Company

Meet our Apprentices

Maddie Bachofer 

chicago, illinois

 Sponsored by: April and Gracie Harry

Isabella Bertellotti

san diego, california


Mary Bailey Campbell

gaoming, guandong, china

Sponsored by: Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Druhan


Audra Cockrell

sarasota, florida

Sponsored by: The Woodall Family

Bryn Warren Davis

birmingham, alabama

 Sponsored by: Tommy and Johnie Spina

Katie Drozd

Philadelphia, pennsylvania

Sponsored by: Tara’s Adult Ballet Class

Meredith Hwang

potomac, maryland

 Sponsored by: GUARDIAN II-IV-VII

Dagny Ingle

macon, georgia

Sponsored by: J. Johnson

Sofia Johnson

palmetto, florida


Karen Licari

wetumpka, alabama

Sponsored by: Ballet Guild

Gianna Morette

fort mill, south carolina


Elisabeth Moser

annapolis, maryland

Sponsored by: Donna & Steve Christian

Sarah Michelle Pfeiffer

orlando, florida


Dollie Powell

charleston, south carolina


Sophie Waterfall

hopkinton, massachussetts

Sponsored by: Jane Selfe


2726 1st Ave S.
Birmingham, AL 35233



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