Alabama Ballet Company

Our Dancers

Alabama Ballet Company

Meet our Dancers

Evan Ambrose

Huntsville, alabama


Quinn Barrett

Spartanburg, South Carolina

 Sponsored by: Paul and Mary Clayton Jones

Patricia Bianco

Helena, Alabama

Sponsored by: The Vanlandingham Family

Heather Lin Brustolon

Mystic, Connecticut

Sponsored by: Susan and Wyatt Haskell

Morgan Butler

The Woodlands, Texas

 Sponsored by: Mallie and Jay Whatley

Andres Castillo

Cali, Valle de Cau Cau, Columbia

Sponsored by: Mark and Meryane Murphy

Jordan Coleman

Swanton, Maryland

Sponsored by: George and Shirley Elliott

Elijah Crispen

Cullman, Alabama

Sponsored by: Margaret Wendorf

Ariana Czernobil

Chicago, Illinois

Sponsored by: Kacy Ireland Mitchell

Ethan Epstein

Boston, Massachusetts

Sponsored by: Donna and Steve Christian

Elizabeth Gamble

Birmingham, Alabama

Sponsored by: Dr. Pamela Hughes

Asha Gangolli

Evanston, Illinois

Sponsored by: Aero Joe Pilates, Alison Page

Jenna Graham

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

 Sponsored by: Danése Knott-Craig

Daniel Hardman

Silver Springs, Maryland

Sponsored by: Scott & Cameron Vowell

Claire Hutchinson

Syracuse, New York

Sponsored by: Candice and Lee McKinney

Carolina Marques

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sponsored by: Braxton and Mary Goodrich

Michael Matthews

Moorestown, New Jersey

Sponsored by: Martha Matthews, MD

Caitlin McAvoy

Overland Park, Kansas

Sponsored by: Scott & Cameron Vowell

John Arthur Mingle IV

Corpus Christi, Texas

 Sponsored by: Michael and Tamara Sansbury

David Odenwelder

Haverhill, Massachusetts

 Sponsored by: Alabama Ballet Tappers

Madison Ryan

Hammond, Louisiana

Sponsored by: Fran Lawlor

Frederick Lee Rocas

Manila, Philippines

Sponsored by: Ms. Emily Omura

James Shughart

Newark, Delaware

 Sponsored by: The Morning Adult Ballet Class

Journy Wilkes-Davis

Fort Hood, Texas

Sponsored by: Dr. James A. Wallace

Alabama Ballet Company

Meet our Apprentices

Kendall Baker

Stuart, Florida



Audra Cockrell

Sarasota, Florida

Sponsored by: The Woodall Family

Isabella Renner Cowles

kalamazoo, michigan

Sponsored by: Jim and Amanda Roberts and the Jim Roberts Law Firm, LLC

Cassie Downing

Arlington, Virginia

Sponsored by: Candice and Lee McKinney

Nathanael Edwards

Spokane, Washington

 Sponsored by: Jimmy & Lee Gewin

Annabel Fobert

new york city, new york

Sponsored by: Margie & Tom Fox

Jane Gordon

portland, oregon

Sponsored by: Mae & Duane Coshatt 

Karen Licari

Wetumpka, Alabama

Sponsored by: The Jones Family

Ethan Mazak

Niles, michigan



Jessica Nicholson

charles town, west virginia

Sponsored by: Fran & Jeff Chaiprakob

Gretchen Vander Bloomer

libertyville, illinois

 Sponsored by: Dr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Druhan

Bryn Warren

Hoover, alabama

 Sponsored by: Tommy & Johnnie Spina


2726 1st Ave S.
Birmingham, AL 35233



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