• Pre-Ballet/Tap through Advanced II – Corps Dancewear Style L922


• Pre-Ballet/Tap – Pink 

• Dance to Your Own Tune – White

• Pre-Primary – Pink

• Primary – Baby blue 

• RAD Level I – Lemon yellow with yellow waist elastic

• RAD Level II – Lilac with lilac waist elastic

• RAD Level III – Wine with black waist elastic

• RAD Level IV – Hunter green with hunter green waist elastic

• RAD V – Cherry with red waist elastic

• Intermediate Foundation – Navy with navy waist elastic

• Intermediate – Royal blue with royal blue waist elastic

• Advanced Foundation – Grey with grey waist elastic

• Advanced I and II – Black with black waist elastic

• Adult – no color requirement

• Pre-Ballet/Tap, Dance to Your Own Tune, Pre-Primary and Primary – pink socks

• RAD Levels I through Advanced II – pink tights

• Adult – no color requirements

• Pre-Ballet/Tap, Dance to Your Own Tune, Pre-Primary and Primary – pink satin shoe

• RAD Levels I through V – pink technique full-sole ballet shoes and character shoes style R042 or R00Z SoDanca

• Intermediate Foundation through Advanced II – slip-on tan jazz shoes

• Intermediate Foundation through Advanced II – pink pre-pointe and pointe shoes

• Tap – tap shoes, any color

• Adult – pink or black technique shoes

• Jazz – slip-on tan jazz shoes preferred

  • Fitted white T-Shirt or leotards, black tights held in place by a belt rolled with the tights at the waist.
  • Dance belt.
  • Black technique ballet shoes.

Dance to Your Own Tune, Pre-Ballet/Tap, Pre-Primary, Primary, RAD Levels I and II may wear black bike shorts in place of tights.

All leotards and elastic must be purchased from Libba Owen at the Alabama Ballet office. Primary level and below socks and ballet shoes may be purchased from Libba as well.