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Alabama Ballet School
Member of the Royal Academy of Dance

The Alabama Ballet School opened in September 1999 at the new Alabama Ballet Center for Dance. In September 2008, the Alabama Ballet School bacame a member of the Royal Academy of Dance. The school's faculty receives several weeks of training in order to offer a unified curriculum.

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Dear Students and Families,

We at the Alabama Ballet are pleased and excited to begin our fifth year instructing students using the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus. Both the Company and the School have seen tremendous growth over the past few years and we feel that in continuing with this syllabus, we shall go from strength to strength. We have worked hard to ensure that the Alabama Ballet School provides the highest quality training to aspiring artists of all ages that is developmentally appropriate, physically and artistically.

We feel confident that introducing the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus will help cement our already well-established reputation. We are extremely excited to be able to provide high-quality training, with a positive emphasis on technique and artistry, to the community.

Thank you again for all of the support you have shown the Alabama Ballet and for your interest in the Alabama Ballet School!


Tracey Alvey, Dip. PDTD ARAD (Royal Academy of Dance, London) and the staff of the Alabama Ballet School


Trained professionals providing a unique and unified curriculum.